What’s the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

The world is gradually becoming a global village and there is an increasing need to interact with people from different parts of the world. Diversity is good, and is something that is actually adds spice to our lives, along with opportunities to learn. However, with diversity comes the need to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, that speak different languages. Among the many common languages in the world today, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken (as you can see on our chart here). It therefore pays to be able to understand Spanish. Generally, the best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself locally in a Spanish speaking community, but not everybody has the free time at hands for a full-fledged language study abroad.

First: The Best Way to Learn Spanish is to Speak Without Fear

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Irrespective of all what you may have heard or read elsewhere, the most important part when it comes to learning a new language is to speak it more often. The tendency is for people to try to learn all the grammar and writing skills for far too long. However, all this study will be for naught if effort is not made to practice the language verbally. It’s said: “Practice makes perfect!”

As you learn to speak a language, you will be able to become more efficient and comfortable when speaking with natives. The importance of speaking the language aloud is that it helps you get better along the way. You can begin to hear differences in how you form your sounds, versus listening to natives speaking the same words and phrases. Don’t feel bad when you make mistakes, for you are bound to make plenty; rather, take each mistake as a learning opportunity. The main reason most people never fully succeed to learn a language is because they avoid speaking when native speakers are around for fear of being laughed at. However, it is better to speak out and make mistakes that will be corrected, than to remain with your mistakes all in your head. By signing up to one of these learning courses you’ll make sure that you’re keep getting encouraged to learn on a daily basis, step-by-step in small chunks, which is extremely beneficial. A good thing is that most companies offer a free trial nowadays.

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To help with all the effort, it is important to always start out with the right frame of mind. Be very clear about why you want to learn this language, or you can be sure your efforts will be wasted. When you know why you want to learn Spanish, you will better plan how to achieve the expected results. Having a positive attitude will help you surmount the difficulties that you are likely to encounter along the way.

Today, learning a language is easy, as there are many resources available for interested learners. As a matter of fact, the internet has come to help a lot with the way we learn. It is no longer necessary to enroll in a physical language class to be able to learn a language. There are many online resources available for free, or at very affordable prices.

Resources for Learning to Speak Spanish

When you search for the best way to learn Spanish on the internet, you are sure to come up with many results. Interestingly, from a Google search, the top results are those from language forums where people ask questions for other internet users to answer. The majority of respondents to questions about how to learn Spanish fast, support using a medium that encourages speaking.

Audio Files

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There audio files in MP3 format and in CDs that can be accessed online from language sites. Although there are many such sites, some have better learning methods than others. Many language courses have been developed to be interactive, meaning that the user actively partakes in the process.

Using CDs and MP3s is good, as they can be carried about with you wherever you go. The excuse most people give for not completing language classes is that they are too busy. However with the use of portable media, there is no excuse about being too busy. You can listen to the lessons as you take a walk, workout in the gym, while you cook, drive, or when lying down in bed. It is a very convenient way to learn Spanish fast, or at least get continuous exposure. Additionally, you can listen to each lesson as often as you wish to help you retain some useful words.

Apart from the audio files that allow users to listen to someone speaking, there are also written lessons that users can take advantage of to perfect their grammar and other writing skills. However as said before, unless you are learning Spanish for a written exam, focusing on the verbal will prove far more useful.  That is why instead of only focusing on learning how to write, it is better to improve speaking skills first.

Watching TV

Some people learn well by listening to radio or TV news in Spanish and from watching films. While this is good, it only allows for one way communication. Watching and listen to other people talk may help you familiarize yourself with the language but when you want to get to the point where you can actually carry on a sensible conversation, the easiest way to learn Spanish is to utilize methods that encourage speaking.

Practice Speaking Like a Native Speaker

You may succeed in learning how to speak, but it will make all the difference if you can speak like a native speaker. Remember that all of us come from different backgrounds and our accent is influenced by our native language. If you don’t learn how to speak like a native, you may “speak Spanish,” but find it had to communicate with other native speakers. Remember that you don’t only want to speak, but you want to speak in a way that you’ll be understood by other people.

This can be done by using a language learning software (most of the newer ones are available as an “online” version as well”) like those provided at Rocket Languages (check out our review here), that helps learners train themselves on how to speak like natives. Such interactive functions permit users to overlay their voice on that of the native speaker, and make corrections until there is little or no noticeable difference in accent.

Your goal is to mimic the way natural speakers use the vocabulary and pronounce the different words. It also helps to get involved in online language forums where you can interact with other speakers, be they native speakers or learners.

The Importance of Speaking When Learning Spanish

Although you may find it easy to express your thoughts in writing, you may find it more difficult to be coherent when you have to speak aloud. Maybe the words just don’t come to your tongue so easily.  But as you focus on speaking, you’ll discover you become better every day. For those hoping to learn Spanish, it pays to spend more time speaking the language for varied reasons:

  • It is only by speaking that you become more fluent
  • When you speak, you make mistakes that you can easily correct
  • By speaking, you’ll discover areas of the language that you need to improve on
  • By speaking, you’ll learn new words

There are many ways to learn a language but there are some that are more efficient than others. If it were possible, the best thing to do when you want to learn Spanish is to travel to Spain and live among the natives. However, this is not feasible for most people and remote learning is most preferred today. While it is important to learn how to read and write, it is even better to learn how to speak. So by now, you should have ascertained that speaking is indeed the best way to learn a language.

To stay motivated and keep going with the learning, it is important to make use of fun learning materials, such as interactive audio files, and games that will allow you not only to be a listener but also an active participant. As you browse the internet, you will find may sites offering courses in Spanish, but when you’re not sure whether Rocket Spanish works for you or not, you might want to check out this review as well. There are many interesting resources available for download at very affordable price. The many positive reviews from past users are enough proof that this learning method is very successful, as you will discover when you start.

Tips to Successfully Learning Spanish

  • Speak; remember that there’ll always be misunderstandings when you interact with people. If you speak and the other person doesn’t understand, don’t be put off. Try and explain what you mean and if there are any mistakes, you’ll be corrected.
  • Don’t be reticent; as someone looking for an effective way to learning Spanish, being reticent will only retard any progress. Don’t let all that hard work be in vain.
  • Be consistent; the key to success is to be consistent. If you can’t find someone to speak to, there’s nothing wrong in speaking to yourself. As you speak out loud, you will become better.
  • Be Patient; Also, allow yourself time to get used to the new language, its sounds, and the way your brain processes it. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t seem to learn as fast as you had anticipated. You will eventually get there.

Hopefully you now know what it takes to learn Spanish and speak like a native speaker. Good luck in all your efforts. ¡Adiós!

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