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  2. Sneak Peek into the Rocket Languages Member Area
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1) Product Specifications:

  • Price for Online Version: $99.95
  • Free Trial Available:  Yes!
  • Warranty: 60 day money back guarantee
Languages Offered,Features,Topics Covered
Arabic,Audio Lessons,Reading
Spanish,English Explanations,Grammar
German,MP3 Compatible,Emergency Situations
Hindi,User Forums,Speaking in Different Situations
Italian,Pratice Exams and Quizes,Learn with fun
Japanese,Virtual Reality Scenarios,Interactive Learning
Korean,Vocabulary List Creation,
American Sign Language,Voice Recognition,
11 Language in Total,+ Many More,+Many More

2) Sneak Peek into the Rocket Language Member Area



2) Sneak Peek into the Rocket Language Member Area

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Icourses really wanted to learn a second language but found I had little time to do so with my busy schedule. In the past I didn’t want to spend a dime on language courses, so I tried using all the available resources I could find around. To their credit, I have to say, for something that comes at no price they are relatively good. However I was not able to find any one language program that could catch my attention for more than a month. Then a friend of mine told me about Rocket Language and how wonderful their courses are.

I have written this review to help fellow prospective learners gain a preview of what to expect when they buy the French language course offered by Rocket Language. I have included a lot of screenshots from the site to help provide an insider’s view.

First, when you log on to Rocket Language; using a user name and password, you are presented with an interface where you get to choose the language you are interested to learn. In this case I chose French. If you want to see the Spanish version you should visit this link.


After I clicked on French, I was presented with my dashboard, from which I could navigate to the different parts of the course.

I used the “Language and Culture” tab to go through the lessons, and as can be seen in the screen shot below, there are many lessons to choose from. As a beginner, it was only natural to start at the first lesson. Note that on the dashboard interface, within the content area, it is also possible to access all the other site content.

To help make learning a success, there are other resources like interactive audio and games.

In the interactive audio, the two hosts, Paul and Marie, are involved in a conversation, and the lessons are arranged in such a way that the learner is prompted to take part in the conversation. After listening to Claire’s conversation, you are encouraged to speak the word or phrase aloud. It is always better to speak out loud than to “speak” the word in your head. The learner is not expected to do it right the first time, but the aim is to help them get used to how the French language sounds and how to formulate the native sounds yourself. Chunking is used to break down phrases or words into smaller words or phonemes.

You can get a transcript of the audio files, as seen in the screen shot below:

Just when you thought learning a language was difficult, Rocket Language comes with games such as Mega Card and Phrase Master to help you improve on your vocabulary. It is interesting to note that all this can be done online from the comfort of your own home.

To determine how well you are progressing, you can visit the Assessment area of the dashboard, where you’ll find two types of assessment tests available. If you are still trying to refine your learning, it is better to try out the rehearsal test, and then move on to the My Proficiency test when you feel more confident.

A little motivation never hurt anyone, and you can look at your badges to see how well you are progressing in the course. All the activities that you carry out during the course will earn you points. As the points accumulate, you will move from a French novice to a French guru in no time.

Now that you are well on your way to becoming a French guru, you can try out your grasp of the newly-learned language by interacting with other learners in the forum. Apart from meeting other learners, you will also have access to French tutors that you can turn to when you need help. You can see that there is also a live chat support waiting to help you.

*I actually wanted to test out their live support, so I messaged them pretending that I had many questions. I must say that they answered every single question that I had! I definitely liked their responsiveness.


There’ll be times when you will need to quickly access some useful tools that will aid in your learning process. At such times, you simply have to head to the My Toolbox area, where everything is within easy reach. If you are looking for some more advanced language learning techniques, there is also a place for you. Check it out in this screenshot:


To be honest, there are not many language courses like Rocket Languages. The interactive nature of the learning process makes learning fun. You really couldn’t be bored with all the fun exercises and games at your disposal. Looking at the price for which the course is being sold, it is worth every penny and much more

3) User Ratings:

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*These ratings are based on 243 user reviews

Question Rating
Overall (243 customer reviews): 4.88 / 5
How satisfied are you with your Rocket Languages experience? 4.91 / 5
How likely are you to buy again? 4.86 / 5
Are you happy with the price? 4.86 / 5
Would you recommend to a friend? 4.94 / 5
How was the Customer Service? 4.83

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5) Free Trial Courses

You know what’s pretty cool? Rocket Languages offers new students free access to any of their full course for six days straight, without obligation to pay. This includes access to the audio downloads (hehehe).

You can access them here:


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