Benefits of Learning Spanish as Second Language

For millions of people, Spanish is their mother language, and millions more speak Spanish as a second language. Apart from the fact that this romance language is fun to learn, there are many benefits associated with learning it. Whether you are traveling to countries where they speak this language predominantly, or are hoping to do business with Spaniards or Latin America, it is all worth the trouble to learn Spanish.

Use of Internet

The world is gradually becoming a village, meaning that we meet new people from diverse backgrounds every day. You may be surprised to learn that most of those you meet on a daily basis have at least some basic knowledge of Spanish. Given that most people spend more time on the internet than anywhere else these days, some knowledge of Spanish may provide a boost when it comes to making new friends. It could be great to chat in your newly learnt language, even if you make some mistakes.

Business Necessity

When you think of Spain, you probably don’t picture a business Mecca, but when it comes to doing business, there are plenty of other Spanish speaking countries like Mexico with budding opportunities for business prospects. It would become a great help if you could communicate in the language of your business partners or employees. As an employee yourself, it may be a boost to know Spanish as a second language, as you may find yourself working in an environment with Spanish speaking co-workers and clients.  Many companies also rely on basic translation services, and it gives your resume a boost when you can claim knowledge of another language – especially a common and useful one.

Spanish for Travel

As mentioned before, Spanish is spoken worldwide. This is an important fact for travelers who are destined to come in contact with people from different cultural backgrounds. In today’s world, you are more likely to meet someone that speaks English or Spanish than any other language. Your travel experience will definitely be enhanced, even if you speak just a bit of Spanish. A basic knowledge of Spanish provides the perfect complement to any other popular language, giving you additional confidence when you travel.

Helps in learning other languages

For those whose native tongue does not carry Latin roots, learning Spanish as a second language opens doors to learning many other languages as well, namely the romance languages. Since many words are based in Latin, it makes it easier to learn and recognize words and phrases in other languages like French and Italian.

Generally, how easy you find learning Spanish will depend on your native language. Almost as a rule, speakers of other romance languages like Italian will find it easier to learn Spanish than speakers of languages like Korean and Chinese. Below is a table that details the ease with which learners can benefit from learning Spanish as a second language.

Base LanguageWrittenSpeak
2FrenchVery EasyVery Easy

Spanish is a fairly easy language to learn with many resources, most of which are available at very affordable prices. There are CDs and other online resources like language software that make learning easy and fun. When contemplating learning a second language, consider going for Spanish which reigns as a very popular language with a lot of utility.

As you start learning Spanish as a second language, let the reason for learning be your driving force. Keep focus and be patient enough to go through all the phases. In very little time, you will be able to make conversation in Spanish. You don’t have to speak like a native from the onset, and believing that leads to a lot of early disappointment. Also try not to avoid speaking for fear of making mistakes. You are sure to learn faster if you practice speaking, mistakes and all.  It is the one true way to have someone correct you.

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